Omegle Spy Software | Hijack Omegle Cam, Download for Windows

Hello !!! 

This is my first blog post and today I am going to share something amazing with you, follow the tutorial to install Omegle spy cam in your browser and hijack people's cam easily. Omegle is most popular strangers video chat application and allows you to chat 24/7, but every user keep on disconnecting each other and that’s feel annoying. So to overcome this disconnection problem we have now Omegle Spy.

Developed By:- Website Link, Under GNU GPL v2 License (General public license), This license states that anyone can modify and distribute it.

Previous version was limited to spy on strangers chat only but in this new version you can also spy on webcam. You can download previous version from above website link but that version will not allow you to hijack cam but only limited to text chat.

What is Omegle Spy ?

Omegle spy is an application that allows you to spy or hijack people’s webcam, but it is limited to only two webcam spy at a given time, so you cannot hijack more than two webcam at a given time but it is possible to keep disconnecting and hijacking. You can download the application(browser extension) and easily integrate it into you web browser.

Browser supported is chrome and firefox. It will not work on Internet explorer.

Steps to install Omegle Spy Extension.(for Google chrome)

1. Open Google chrome browser and click on “customize and control Google chrome” you will find it at top right corner of browser, then click on settings.

2. A new window will open and then click on extension. Screenshot is given below. 

3. Download the application(Download link given below after tutorial) and open it, now drag and drop the file into extension window, chrome will ask you to install it, accept the terms and install the application. Installation will take not more than 5 seconds.

4. After successfully installation chrome extension window will look like as in screenshot below.
5. Make sure that the extension is enabled. Extension text will be highlighted when enabled.

6. Extension will also appear in your browser top right corner as shown in screenshot below. 
7. Green colors represent that extension is enabled. 

8. Now goto and start connecting with strangers, when stranger connect then simply click on extension icon which is at top right corner of browser and it will automatically capture the webcam and will hold the cam as long as stranger is online even after he/she disconnects you. Stranger will think that cam is disconnected but it wont.

9. The hijacked webcam will look like this in your browser. 

10. If you want to disconnect with them then simply click on blue Omegle icon which is visible at top left side of strangers webcam in above screen short. That’s it, Enjoy. 

Disclaimer :- The source code for this extension is taken from another website and modified according to the GNU GPL v 2 License.

This extension is NOT ILLEGAL because Omegle does not have any Terms of Service.