Quick Guide On New Features Added In Omegle Spy Webcam

Hello !!

I hope that you enjoyed my last post on how to spy on Omegle webcam, I got many comments and  mail saying that the hijacked cam connection lasts for only 20 minutes but this is not true, this application is working perfectly and tested by so many people.

If you have not read my last post on Omegle spy webcam then click this link, Omegle spy

If you have any questions and suggestion then please feel free to ask via comments or private mails, you can reach me at gvset001@gmail.com.

A good news for those who prefer to use internet explorer that the extention is now perfectly working for IE, we have uploaded the new version in given download link.

Some basic features of Omegle spy webcam software are as follows:-

  • You can hijack only two webcam at a given time, and you can disconnect cam at any time.
  • Disconnect cam icon will appear on top left corner of hijacked cam, it is already shown in last post.
  • There was some disconnection issue but fixed.
  • Extension supported in Firefox, Chrome and Internet explorer.
  • You can change the size of webcam window by clicking the blue icon at top left corner of captured cam.
  • Previously voice was not supported in hijacked cam but now you can also listen to voice and record them.
I suggest you to read the instruction carefully before installing this application, because if you ll install again and again then it might not work and can get crashed.

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