Video Showing How Omegle Spy Cam Works

This video shows the arrangement of people's captured cam in Omegle using Omegle spy webcam extension.

  • Top left and bottom left is Hijacked cam.
  • Top right is currently connected cam.
  • My webcam is at bottom right, which is completely black.
  • You can also change the position of captured cam to the right.
  • Notice at the end of the video that currently connected cam disconnected but hijacked stranger's cam remain connected.
Enjoy having fun and do let me know if you have any problem. This Omegle spy extension will work in Mozilla and Chrome Browser.

For full tutorial visit this link

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  1. lol, once again video deleted... youtube is against you... dont upload video again bcoz this trick ll get saturate soon...
    have a nice day and keep us updated about new updates...

    1. Hi suzy, r u getting some problem in hijacked cam.. i dont know why it disconnects after 20 min for me.. am i doing something wrong...?

  2. Thanks for uploading the video again, u rock buddy!!

  3. gud share, please fix sound problem